Thursday, July 29, 2010


Computers are quite different from a normal machine.The popularity and importance or computer is due to following characteristics:

Computers perform operation at a very high speed.It can solve complex calculation in a short time which may require for a human.Today ,computer can perform 100 million computations per second.The time taken to perform a task by the computer is measured in fraction of seconds.

Computer is basically 100% accurate machine.It gives accurate result for the inputted data .But,if we give wrong or garbage.This is known as "Garbage -In Garbage-Out"(GIGO).The output is dependent on the given input.The mistakes in the calculation of computer is due to human errors.

Computer can perform required tasks repeatedly with same speed ,accuracy and efficiency.It never gets tired or bored doing a work.So,computer is a diligent machine.

Computer is a versatile machine.It can be used in wide range of application and various field such as communication,education,business,printing and publishing,astronomy etc.

A computer can store large amount of data and information which can be retrieved whenever required.This large storage capacity is achieved through auxiliary or secondary memory in computer .Storage capacity of computer is measured in terms of bytes,kilobytes,megabytes,gigabytes and terabytes.

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